Millenial Minds. 

Millenial Minds.

Millenial Minds. 

expert results.

 expert results.

 expert results.

We are a tight knit team of college educated marketing and design professionals who build savvy online campaigns. Our mission is to show business owners how they can socialize online in a way that brings in new customers. We aim to help create professional content strategies, connect with local influencers, collect email contacts, post paid ads, and help you build a local following through discovery online. 


To boost your online presence in a strategically social way please request a quote. One of our friendly team members will reach out via email in less than 24 hours!  







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"Working with Jenna has been fantastic. She's been an excellent resource for my portrait photo business by managing our Instagram. The growth and resulting revenue wouldn't have been possible without her.  :) "

erik p.

Erik Patton Photography

"Provided me great service and guidance on ways to improve the marketing for my growing Etsy shop. Worked quickly to create a business website and grow my online presence which has already resulted in more sales. Highly recommend!"

Vanessa s.

JV Country Creations

"United Advertising has been a great resource for our commercial photography business. Jenna has been working with us for 18 months and has done a great job capturing images for our commercial clients."

Michael s.

Michael Alan Media Group