3 Reasons Why your business should invest in art

No matter the business you're in, see below how having quality brand art and design can give you a huge advantage over the competition, and why lazy brand art can turn customers away.

1. Be Unforgettable

Art can be powerful. When the colors are in harmony, and a piece comes to life beautifully balanced in space, these creations can make us stop in our tracks to stare in awe.

Then sometimes a design can draw us away with disharmonious colors or harmful images.

Thats why we want to help others understand the power of attraction quality design and art can bring to your brand culture, and why your brand art can make all the difference in gaining your customers trust.

Just like outside the walls of many local businesses

Or at a an outdoor event

It is easy to see how brands have been able to use fine art to connect to and attract positive report from customers.

Your logo and designs on print, digital, or even on canvas should have the power to turn heads and evoke your message for an unforgettable brand experience.

Talk more with our design team about creating art, logos, or marketing materials for your next project or brand, and see how you can hire artists like DipSoulion for live paintings or custom art.

See more of this artist here.

2. Colors and Design Share a Subliminal Message

In the regular world, there’s a color wheel with about 7 colors that most of refer to recognize the world around us. As marketers and artists though, our color wheel us far more intricate than most.

This is is because we understand that colors share a subliminal message, and will inspire different emotions for the consumer.

"Emotional responses are often regarded as the keystone to experiencing art, and the creation of an emotional experience has been argued as the purpose of artistic expression. Research has shown that the neurological underpinnings of perceiving art differ from those used in standard object recognition. Instead, brain regions involved in the experience of emotion and goal setting show activation when viewing art."

So, this means that fine art activates responses from our brain in the area of emotions and taking action; which is the perfect source of inspiration for planning and purchasing products.

Artists like DipSoulion uses a balance of alll the colors in the rainbow in his pieces to recreate the feeling of a bright and happy world...

Now if you were to change the colors...

you can feel the difference in your emotions when looking at it.

3. The Big Brands Do it Too

Heres a few examples showing how major brands have used art in their promotional campaigns or with their products.

Integrating fine art into your products or message creates a memorable experience for a customer that is unique to your brand

See how you can integrate fine art into your branding by talking with our graphic design team

or contact David "DipSouLion" for custom work or live paintings.