3 Ways Drones are Changing Advertising

There are a few ways drones are being used in the world of advertising that is giving customers a way bigger perspective.

1. Video Content

video content is the most consumed form of content on the planet over photos, print, and radio. With drones being introduced into the mix, action, stunning birds eye views, and smooth cinematic video has never mar accessible to capture.

This allows Professional filmmakers and drone operators like Jesse Lack to shoot unique video projects like the one here. Drone operators are able to use them for projects to help real estate agencies,

large events,

and live streaming social media content.

Mark Zuckerberg Delivering a speech on live stream

Mark Zuckerberg delivering a speech on live stream

If if you are looking to create a video for your brand contact us here or see the content packages we have to offer.

2. Its The Newest Bilboard

Sadly, the 21st century has yet to fulfill our futuristic dreams of having flying cars to take up our airspace. So, although it isn’t possible yet, you can take up the airspace with a message to promote you or your business,

by using a drone to fly your banner.

Since this form of advertising isn’t being Seen by consumers very often, it also means there is low competition and pricing for the service.

If if you are interested in drone advertising contact us here, and let us know of your own event or location you would like to spread your message.

3. Perfect Timing

Using a drone to advertise means your ad will be targeting your audience by its location. In this case large gathering areas to communicate to customers within a close range of your product or service, or documenting at every angle is where a drone can be most effective.

A surf rental service could promote their latest deals at a beach,

A food truck that wants to get attention,

or an outdoor park that needs to communicate to their customers (amusement, snow mountain, etc)

Take the first steps in figuring out how your business can use drones to promote your business by clicking here


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