5 Simple & Low Cost Ways To Market Your Business

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

1) Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the best way to engage with your customers. Tools such as Instagram or Facebook will dramatically increase your business's visibility online.

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2) Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine optimization is a collection of strategies you can use to rank your business in the first pages of google search. Using the right Keywords allows your business to become exposed to all the relative searches to your products/services.

3) Cold Calls

Cold Calls are a great way yet to expose your business, let your audience know who you are, and what you offer. Introducing yourself & your companies mission during outbound calls can be key to revenue growth. Setting up a list of prospects to reach out to is the first step in cold calling.

4) Giving value first

Adding FREE value to an offer is an important action to gain your client's trust. Adding added value can go a long way in in creating long term customers. While there are many forms, a few include offering free introductory services, adding free products, or even including a contribution to the community with every purchase through a connected non-profit.

5) Referral Programs

Create and Share a referral program with your existing customers. Referrals are the most efficient way to gain new customers. Word of mouth from a trusted friend can go a long way. The new customer will be sure that he is going to receive a top quality service/product based on his/her friends reccomendation.

6) Testimonials

Testimonials are a great Guerrilla Marketing strategy for exposure. It is a great indicator of quality service and customer loyalty. The more gathered, the more credibility your business gains. We recommend you collect reviews on Facebook & Google!

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