How To Market on Facebook

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

There are 5 skills you must master to successfully promote your personal brand or local business on facebook.

1. Engagement

2. Content

3. Copywriting

4. Scheduling

5. Paid Advertising

Before we dive into how to master these 5 skills it is extremely important to understand that facebook is constantly being flooded with posts each and every hour. This means that you could create a page, collect a few thousand followers and still only reach 100 people everytime you post. Facebook strategically places content on each users newsfeed that will ensure they will stay on for as long as possible. So, what does this mean? Only engaging, top performing posts will reach a large audience, regardless of how many followers you collected! To market correctly, facebook is a pay to play game. Instead of throwing money at the wind with little to any knowledge we want to help you put a strategy in place.


Building a community who regularly engages with your content is the first skill to master if you want to successfully market on facebook. Our team has put together a general outline of the strategy we use to help the brand we partner with to build up their engagement rate.

First, it is important that while you are building your community you post frequently, around 2-6 times every day. Post frequency varies for each audience and it takes a couple weeks to find your sweet spot by keeping track of your facebook insights tab.

Each week you must determine which piece of content performed the best. You will then invest money to boost this post. Once you continue this week after week you will increase the organic reach on each piece of content you publish. Read how boosting a post can improve your overall organic reach by clicking here.

If you would like to work with our team to help improve your engagement rate and organic reach on facebook please book a phone call or live chat by clicking here.


Mastering your content for social media not only begins with stand out photography but it also includes studying your target audience and defining a content plan. We suggest that you must find 8 examples of content that your target audience loves to see online. This is called your content testing group. During the initial stages of launching your social media marketing campaign you will post 8 different types of content that mimics the examples in your research. Once you are doing so for a few months you can use the facebook insights tab to determine the top 3 content types. This will be the foundation to building a successful content marketing plan.

To get started on creating a content marketing plan all you have to do is click here to book a phone call or live chat with our team.


Marketing on social media can only be successful when you master grabbing and holding a viewers attention. First you grab attention through stand out photo/video content. Once a viewer is hooked they will read the caption. This is where you have the chance to hold their attention by leading them to a landing page, blog, or call to action. We have listed the top 5 most engaging 3 word phrases to include in your social media copy below.

"this is the"

"will make you"

"when you see"

"what happens when"

"you need to"

To begin grabbing a hold of your viewers attention on social all you have to do is book a phone call or live chat with our team by clicking here.


Why post, if your audience is not logged on? You can use the facebook insights tab to see the times where your followers are most active and can use this info to schedule your content at the best time to receive engagement. Although this is different for each page there are general trends for all users.

These trends tell us that the best days to post on facebook are Wednesday and Thursday from 10am-2pm. During the weekdays it is important that you always post anywhere from 12pm-1pm. Hard working people love to kickback during lunch break and scroll through their feeds. This is why it has become one of the most effective times to post.

If you would like to begin scheduling your posts ahead of time to ease your work load all you have to do is book a phone call or live chat with our team by clicking here.

Paid Advertising

To master paid advertising on facebook it is important to first understand the difference between a boosted post and a promoted post. Most people who use paid advertising on facebook are using the tool to create an ROI via sales or lead generation. It goes without saying that you must have a great piece of content, copy, and landing page to create a sale. Once you master all of this, it will still not guarantee sales. This is because you must master targeting your audience so that you are not wasting advertising dollars. Our team has a few MUSTS on their to do lists before publishing a clients first facebook promotion.

First off, if you are planning on promoting on facebook without a proper mobile website to collect sales and or leads you are making your first mistake. A majority of your sales and leads from Facebook will come straight from mobile devices. If your website is not easy and simple to use on mobile this causes ad friction and leads to less sales or leads. To get started on a mobile website design within your small or large budget just book a phone call or live chat with our team by clicking here.

Once you ensure that you have a a simple easy to navigate mobile site to connect to your ads you must then attach a facebook pixel to the website. Read more about the benefits of a facebook pixel by clicking here.

After completing all these steps to set you up for success there is just one last item that many campaigns fail to complete. This is targeting their ads to people are most likely to respond and buy. You can do this by creating a facebook custom audience to market to. Just make a list of your current clients / customers first & last names, address, phone number, etc on an excel spreadsheet. Facebook with then identify these people and market to individuals similar to this list to ensure you are showing your ad to people who are more likely to be interested.