Providence social media agency works with Bayview's international student from Beijing

Morgan Yang (right)

United Advertising enrolled a brand new intern who traveled halfway across the world to complete her diploma in Rhode Island.

Morgan Yang from Beijing, China has been finishing her high school studies as an international student at Bayview: a private all girls school in Providence. Each student is required to complete an internship program before they graduate. The team helped to mark the completion of her internship by showcasing her self written interview about her time in Rhode Island, how Bayview compares to School in Beijing, what she learned at United Advertising.

1. How does School differ from Beijing to the USA?

"The school I go to in Rhode Island is a catholic school which has teachers who are nuns, and we call them sisters. The teachers in the USA are older than in Beijing. The physics teacher at Bayview is one of the coolest teachers I have ever worked with. He has good taste on daily outfits and dresses for fun unlike in Beijing. He wears a different tie every single day and will even match it with the holiday.

At my school in Beijing, teachers are teachers & they do their teaching job. I am surprised; teachers at Bayview do not get mad often and we are treated like friends. We can even chat in class.

The difference between here and my home is, it is quite common for students my age to experience an internship or even find a job to get paid. In China students start their internship when they are in college. I learned that taking an internship earlier has been more beneficial because I am more centain of my future career and major as I entered into college. Out of curiosity, I chose marketing and media, and now I found that’s a field I am willing to dive in and study."

2. How was your Internship at United Advertising?

"This was a great and memorable experience before I leave this country, & although it is demanded by my school, I gained more skills & values that totally surpassed my expectation. I realized how hard it is to find an internship. I looked up online and contacted up to 20 companies to inquire and got all negative answers. I was so happy when I found United Advertising.

I had many firsts during my internship with United Advertising:

  • My first business card

  • My first time being added to a company website (see here)

  • My first time walking along downtown Providence early in the morning

  • My first time filming with handhold stabilizer

I also learned is how to use social media properly. I never noticed that using hashtags can increase the discoverability of our content. Also that we can choose a low competition hashtag to trend our post. I also learned that visual content is essential because it add value to clients and looks pretty . Additionally, I learned to tag the specific name of a business when we want to expose that place. I hope I can contribute more to United Advertising."

3. As a consumer, what did you enjoy the most about Providence?

Photo by Morgan Yang

"Speaking of study abroad, I cannot miss out shopping and having fun in the local area. I used to go shopping at a mall or go to official websites of clothing brands, but ever since I explored some un chained antique craft and clothing stores in Rhode Island, I feel more satisfied. The pieces in these stores are so valuable and they are unique, because you will not find them in any where else. One of my favorite local stores is the Vault, which is on Westminister street, downtown Providence. That is a nice neighborhood to walk around.

I can imagine after I go back home, when I take a look at all the crafts I brought from Rhode Island I would recall the memories I have had in here. "

On behalf of the entire United Advertising team we want to thank Bayview for encouraging young people to take on internships and of course to wish Ms. Yang luck in her Freshman Year of College.

We plan to work with Morgan once she is ready to take on a college internship in a couple years due to her extreme interest in the marketing field, her positive attitude, and willingness to try new things.

If you are or know a student who is interested in marketing and media tag them in this post and contact us to apply for our internship program now!