@savysavingcouple posts savy saving tips for New england families

This savvy Rhode Island Couple helps thousands of coupon conscious families get inspired and save money on meals, toys, gas, home repair, local family entertainment, and more!

So, Who is @SavvySavingCouple, anyway?

Meet Amy and Jared, a couple who are lifelong New England residents, and have been blogging for just under a decade! They have been able to grow a community on instagram of local families who believe in and support their wholesome message of family, love, and saving a little in the process.

The authentic influence, focused niche, and local vibe makes their pages perfect for showing you all the best ways to experience their favorite family brands.

See below some of the ways they use Instagram to share tips to local families

1. Going out

This family knows, that finding time to go out can be rare for families, so they aim to help others take away the stress of creating plans by inspiring others with their posts.

Restaurants, and family entertainment are some of the most popular posts in their simple message of how to create good memories and save money with great local products.

2. home cooking

The everyday food brands and homemade recipes @savysavingcouple post are perfect for any family who shops locally, and need inspiration for sharing family meals.

3. home improvement

While food and entertainment are important to any family, the @savysavingcouple always brings their tips even closer to their heart when they share posts of their pet Beasley...

and even some home improvement tips...

Their real world experience is so valuable to helping others understand the products they share.

To support Amy & Jared on their Blog and Instagram success follow their brands here!


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Why should you collaborate with @savvysavingcouple?

With a combined following on Instagram of up to 20K and growing this couple receives around 120K visits to their blogs each month and drives thousands of profile visits to their social pages each and every week. Averaging at about 400 likes and 10 comments for each social post, their micro influence is a powerful tool in spreading the word and creating conversation around food and home based brands. Brands that they have collabed with include Hershey's chocolate, Ritz Crackers, Little Debbie Snacks, and Hidden Valley Ranch.

If your local brand is interested in collaborating on a post and or blog with one of Amy & Jared’s awesome pages all you have to do is reach out to our friendly marketing team by contacting us here.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is one of the most cutting edge & effective strategies a brand can use to create conversation about their products. Most people believe that only large corporations and heavily funded businesses can succeed with influencer marketing by paying users with millions of followers to share their brand.

As a social media marketing agency that helps local businesses we have been working on a way to help business owners connect and collaborate with micro influencers in their nearby location.

Influencers Who Shop Local

As a direct resource we are launching the Influencers Who #ShopLocal List (full list launching in June 2019). This is a list compiled of local influencers who have agreed to receive requests to work with local brands!  Local business owners can look at this list and set up a social media collaboration with influencers through the help of our friendly marketing team. If you are a local influencer and would like to apply to join the list please contact us to apply.

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