The Future Of Advertising

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Hey there, thanks for clicking :) You have just experienced The future of ad space!

Futuristic ad space means that in order to succeed in 2019 you must guide online consumers to information and promotions in the most seamless way possible. Directing a viewer from being part of a targeted audience to a loyal customer is the ultimate goal.

All businesses have the ability to post content on the major media channels captivating America's attention today. By using cutting edge tools our team helps local business owners guide potential customers to their content and promotions online.

Our mission is to help business owners make the transition from old age advertising to the advertising platforms of the future. To see if your business is ready for the future of ad space, go through our list below of the top strategies for brands in 2019.

Here are the top 5 advertising platforms you can expect to take over the future (and your marketing strategy).

1. Promoted Posts on Social Media

With advanced targeting options, you can now pinpoint the viewers of your ads so well, conversions and leads become seamless. You can promote posts on facebook, instagram, linked in, and Pinterest.

2. content marketing

Using professional media equipment our team helps to create original and custom content to share on all major media channels. We make sure to help you hold the attention of your current customers while simultaneously attracting new customers through stand out professional visuals

3. Influencer collaborations / contests

Partnering up with local influencers who post to your target market is a major way to generate paid word of mouth advertising that grows your online following and brings in new customers.

4. Automated Email drips

Attaching an automated email sequence to an email campaign allows you to give your new prospect value, tell your brands story, share testimonials, and collect sales leads on auto.

5. Google Search

There are 3.8 million google searches made every minute. These searches trigger millions of new discoveries for local businesses and online stores. By placing a search ad at the top of a users search for "Dog Groomers Near Me" you can attract more calls and customers for your local business.

We are here to pave they way for local businesses to evolving their marketing strategy to fit the future of ad space. This is why, as a digital marketing agency we have decided to specialize in the future to help our clients stay on top of their game. Is your brand taking advantage these strategies?

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