Understanding Millenials and Memes

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Bloggers like Mr. Oxley, who is also a musician and millennial from New York has found a way to promote his art through the growing community he has built with his habit of posting memes on Instagram. This perfectly reflects how memes have influenced millennials as one of the most consumed forms of media communication the world has ever seen.

Memes, Besides helping this cat run for office in Mexico,

This cat is more popular than me

have changed the way we learn, and the way we communicate.

The large stream of information and media content that takes up the internet have been recycled or re-posted over and over by many people, especially Millenials. Evolving from pictures of cats and stills from funny tv shows, memes have also become a tool Millenials use to their advantage to curate new knowledge, skills, and, of course, dicscover new products or services.

Understanding Memes

When your teacher tells you to get off your phone but you were busy watching a video of a professor who can actually teach

When you learn that a "meme" was originally coined by Richard Dawkins in the 1976 book, "The Selfish Gene" and defined as the simplest form of an idea or larger message, it allows you to understand that memes really are a cheat code to communication and learning.

And when you also see that speakers like Terrance McKenna predicted the evolution of our communication to include the meme structure in this video back in 1990, it is easy to see how this millenial form of communication really is a sign of our growing intelligence.

They let us spread information as quickly as possible. Almost like the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt

and those guys were smart, like, they built the pyramids.

Like, how did they do that?

Understanding Millenials

There are thousands of bloggers like Mr. Oxley who share and create memes from the endless stream of content that flows through the internet. Currently the instagram community alone churns out an average 897 posts per second on the platform,

Where 2 % of those posts are most likely of the dinner your aunt made.

This mass of information compared to past generations who only had one way media outlets like newspapers, magazine, tv, and radio birthed an impatient generation who need to consume their information as fast and enjoyable as possible.

When blogger Mr. Oxley makes a post to his instagram account, he is doing much more than connecting to a few friends or family like the most of us. He is breaking the code on instagram, and is able to spread his memes past the filler content from your aunt's dinner of steak and asparagus, into the lane of quality content and tools that people go on instagram for. Learn more about how you can boost your posts on instagram here.

In return Mr. Oxley turns it into traffic and opportunities for his music or to a paid promoter.

So in this case, Mr. Oxley should probably be awarded a degree in meme-ology and be declared a professor of memes because he admits that they have been his best marketing tool.

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