Which Social Platform is Best For Your Business?

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

With all the social media channels available to us today, we understand how hard it is to choose which platforms to use and grow your business. As social media experts we wanted to give you the scoop on some pretty valuable advice if you are just getting started with social media marketing. Below are some of the common businesses we run into and the advice we share.

Simply, find your industry below and learn which social platform is best for you!

Beauty Salons

Barber shops, hair salons, nail salons, eyebrow/eyelash salons, should go all in on Instagram content to show off before and after photos. They should also use local Influencer collaborations to help bring in new customers in the area and build a local following.


Landscaping companies should go all in on promoted posts on facebook to collect emails from qualified leads. They should then attach an email drip sequence to share why the new lead should book with you instead of competitors.

Automotive Repair

Automotive repair shops should go all in on google search network ads to captivate the consumers who are looking for them in real time. They should also take advantage of facebook messenger for an easy to contact customer service tool.

Real Estate

Real estate companies should go all in on Instagram content to showcase their listings. They should also go all in on social media growth to attract new local discovery of their page and build a local following.

E- Commerce

E-commerce brands should go all in on Pinterest content to attract customers who are ready to buy. They should also go all in on growing their Instagram through influencer collaborations.


Restaurants should go all in on Instagram & Facebook. They can use instagram content to show off their awesome meals. Then they should go all in on facebook promoted posts to market and attract new customers who are close by.

Did we miss your industry? Send us a message and we will send you our suggestions!


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